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you should be sure that when a buddy

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flip flopWYQ cheap filp Ontario election campaign in negative territory

Ontario election campaign in negative territory
The Issue: Ignore the usual speculation about once the tone of the election campaign will "go negative." No sooner did the writ drop in the Ontario election immediately compared to neckandneck Liberal and Progressive Conservative camps were accusing the other of lying; PC Leader Tim Hudak was drawing fire for comments deriding immigrant employees as "foreign workers"; and Grit operatives were taping NDP Leader Andrea Horwath's car apparently driving too near a motorcycle. Which was before the pundits joined the fray.
Us and them: PC Leader Tim Hudak on Wednesday, criticizing the Liberals' proposed tax credit for employers who hire citizens who have been in Canada for under five years: "Under their program somebody could just get to Ontario and so they get a $10,000, basically a grant, to get a job within our province. Today we've 500,000 males and females that are unemployed pounding the pavement each day . . . searching for a job."
Flipflop: Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty,
flip flop, addressing Hudak: "What concerns me is that Mr. Hudak  while he is at his heart of hearts absolutely focused on the usual policy that she gave expression to by means of his or her own private member's bill nearly recently  has now done an entire reversal, jettisoned his principles, abandoned his values in order to play some sort of small politics."
Insert the wedge: Editorial, Toronto Star: "(T)he controversy that Hudak is stirring up just isn't in regards to the substance of particular policies. It comes down to wedge politics. On Tuesday he claimed that this tax breaks offered by the Liberals would help companies hire 'anybody but you.' That type of language divides Ontarians into an 'us' as well as a 'them.' . . . There's a lot at risk in an election and parties often go a lttle bit overboard to get points on the opponents. Hudak's rhetoric as well as the PC party's 'Ontarians do not need to apply' ad go too far. It depends upon a thinly veiled attack on immigrants."
This will likely backfire: Chris Selley, National Post: "A few questions presented themselves: How are Canadian citizens residing in Ontario 'foreign,
cheap filp,' and why on this planet would the PCs direct ire toward them, as an alternative to toward the Liberals who proposed the concept? Does the party not need their votes? Should it realize they're allowed to vote?"
Jobs, RIP: McGuinty,
flip flop shoe sale, accusing Hudak of about to obliterate new green jobs on Thursday: "They would kill the very jobs we're announcing here today. . . . They can speak to employees, shake their hands, and look them in the eyes and inform them, 'I'm killing your jobs. I'm killing your future. Sorry about that.' "
The situation for the new nickname: Kelly McParland, National Post: "The Liberals have sought to make Mr. McGuinty's record with their advantage, with clever TV ads noting that, in the end probably won't like him a whole lot, we want a man like the premier to generate tough decisions for individuals. However that his image as Premier Dad is misleading. Mr. McGuinty is really a slippery political operator who readily uses access to the treasury to burnish his party's fortunes,
http://www.farfield-group.com/Flip-Flop.asp, deceives and misleads voters, mortgages the long run to avoid challenges today, and readily reverses anything he pledges if backtracking turns out to be in the party's interest, otherwise necessarily within the interest from the province."
Too close for comfort: NDP leader Andrea Horwath, criticizing Liberal staffers who filmed her SUV apparently getting too near cyclists, in spite of the party's intend to require one metre of space between cars and bikes: "There's a lot of problems facing Ontarians, and my biggest problem isn't whether or not there exists a Liberal outside showing what sort of car I'm in. . . . I do believe individuals are fed up of that sort of silliness and they also deserve an offer that speaks to the concerns they've. . . . That isn't my nature, I would not have a tendency to belong to that ugly place easily, for going to do my favorite to focus on what folks inform me they're worried about."Related articles: