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Following the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area in 2005, Louisiana real estate has not been up to the standards that it once was. While real estate in Lafayette,[url=http://www.hoganoutletesitoufficiale.it]hogan outlet[/url], Shreveport, Monroe, and Lake Charles is still somewhat thriving, the New Orleans area is still struggling, as is - to a lesser degree,[url=http://www.shophollisterukonlinees.co.uk]hollister[/url], the real estate in Baton Rouge.
Now,[url=http://www.hollistermilanonegozio2.it]hollister[/url], these cities' real estate markets are relative, of course,[url=http://www.abercrombiepascherstoreks.fr]abercrombie[/url], as 3 years ago immediately following Hurricane Katrina they were virtually non-existent. The cleanup and restoration efforts in the New Orleans area,[url=http://www.roguehosting.com/fr/hollister.html]hollister france[/url], in particular have helped the real estate market throughout the state to rebound to some degree and an aggressive set of statewide leaders has also helped the rebounding process.
The Interstate 20 corridor, which ranges from Vicksburg, MS through Shreveport, is a great place to live in Louisiana as it is far enough from the devastation in southern Louisiana and includes some of the great cities in Louisiana, such as Shreveport, Ruston, and Minden.
Another one of the great cities to live in is Lafayette, Louisiana. Real estate in Lafayette, LA can be a great investment, despite its proximity to the gulf coast. Because of its historic background as well as it's the nearby ocean,[url=http://www.hoganoutletesitoufficiale.it]hogan[/url], Lafayette, LA real estate is among the most popular (and most stable) in the state.
Founded in 1821, as Vermilioville,[url=http://www.hollisterfrancemagasinks.fr]hollister france[/url], by the French-speaking Acadian,[url=http://www.airjordanmagasinfrshop.fr]air jordan pas cher[/url], Jean Mouton, Lafayette was renamed,[url=http://www.louboutinpascherstoreks.fr]louboutin[/url], in 1884,[url=http://www.shopkarenmillenoutletonline.co.uk]karen millen outlet[/url],for French military General Lafayette, who is considered a hero for fighting with and providing significant aid for the American Armies during the Revolutionary war. Currently, petroleum and natural gas are the area's dominant industries, while agriculture (which was the dominant industry until the 1940's) is still a significant industry.
Today, the Lafayette area brings in a significant number of annual tourists as the Cajun and Creole cultures of southern Louisiana attract many visitors who wish to explore and learn more about these unique groups of people. Additionally, because of the world famous varieties of Cajun and Creole food,[url=http://www.abercrombiemagasinsoldes.fr]abercrombie france[/url], Lafayette has one of the highest numbers of restaurants per capita in the United States. This is another great reason to consider Lafayette, Louisiana real estate.
Louisiana has a lot to offer as a place of residence in the United States, including the beautiful and diverse city of Lafayette. Despite the trouble and difficult times facing parts of Louisiana even now, there are still great opportunities in Louisiana for residents and visitors alike.
Lafayette,[url=http://www.hollisterfrancemagasinks.fr]hollister[/url], Louisiana - A Great Real Estate Buy
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